Club Carnie: The More Things Change,
The More They Stay The Same!

July 11-12, 2014
Lance, Kelly, Petie, Donna Donna Halper!
Gathering is limited to 100 persons. Come indulge your inner rodent. Registration ends two weeks prior to the event, at 21:12 hours EST on Saturday, June 28.

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RatCon Admission with Special Addition T-Shirt:
Friday Only $75.00
Saturday Only $125.00
Friday and Saturday $175.00

RatCon Admission with No Shirt:
Friday Only $50.00
Saturday Only $100.00
Friday and Saturday $150.00

(Portion of all proceeds donated to Rush is a Band. Please contact us for international mail pricing.)


  • All the Food
  • All the Beverages
  • Rush Tribute Band (kRUSH) at Club Carnie
  • Special giveaways!
  • Giveaways and all the Rush you can handle while in the company of hardcore Rats
Hotel accommodations not included in cost.
  • Note: Sleeping accomodations at Club Carnie have been completely filled for RatCon2014.
  • There are local hotels and we can discuss options personally on contact tab.

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Club Carnie - Mr. Driven's House

  • When: Friday, July 11th and Saturday, July 12th
  • Where: 34 Marigold Lane, Marlboro NJ, 07746

House Amenities:

  • Outdoor Bar
  • Heated Pool
  • Trinkets from every album everywhere
  • Outdoor TVs
  • Rush Cornhole Game
  • Snakes, Dinosaurs, Alex's Greatest Fans, Nebbish, Monkeys, Chicken, Skeletons, Angels, Inukshuk etc.
  • Widescreen TV featuring Rush DVDs
  • The photography of The Anarchist, Petie Lee
  • Giveaways
  • The Infamous Rush Thong Tree
  • Intense discussions of the previous Rush tours
  • The Music of Rush
  • Blah, blah, blah!!!

What's Included:

  • All the food you can eat
  • Our infamous Rat Juice
  • Beer, wine, liquor
  • Honeydew
  • The Milk of Paradise
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Rush Tribute Band
  • RatCon 2014 commemorative shirt (with proper admission)
  • Surprise special guest appearances
  • Games
  • Giveaways
  • All the Rush you can handle with people we consider family!
  • (Hotel accommodations are not included) Deals to be posted!

Hotel and Stay:

Mention RatCon to book a room at the Colt's Neck Inn (Originally $129-149) and receive a discount of $109 for a room with a king size bed and $129 for a double if you book prior to June 11. The hotel is 10-15 minutes away and we will arrange pickup from the hotel to Club Carnie at 9:00am on Saturday morning via The Shred's AIRship. The hotel is located at 6 County Road, Route 537 West (Corner of Route 34 and 537) Colts Neck, NJ 07722. Phone: 732-409-1200

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by PetieLee

Day 1: Friday, July 11

Meet and Greet Time
5:00 till whenever: There really isn't a planned agenda for this evening other than a bunch of awesome Rats hanging out, swimming, and jamming to Rush music! Food and wine we'll have aplenty as we watch Rush DVDs at pool side, check out Petie's awesome photos, carry on some conversation and be with each other.

Day 2: Saturday, July 12

Promise Every Prize!
When we wake up till whenever! The morning will start out with some breakfast and some...... Hmm, let's see... the music of Rush! Then the day gets cranking...

We will chill until about let's say 1:00 pm and then we rip into some serious fun. Live from Club Carnie, RatCon is happy to have Delaware's own Rush tribute band kRUSH ready to blast out some faux rocket sauce! kRUSH will play every hour, take an hour break, and then play every hour until they unleash everything they have on their Rush portfolio. Between breaks, we will enjoy games and trivia with killer prizes for the winners headed up by the Watchmaker's Assistant, our own Kelly D! Bring your AIR drum set because there will be a contest to see who can nail the hats, the toms, the snare, the Malletkat and the bass drum the best. An array of Rush-themed food will be served all day custom prepared by Mayor Brunke and the First Lady Rachel.

And OMG do we have beverages. our famous Rat Juice (secret recipe), The Milk of Paradise, red wine, white wine, beer, The WatchMaker's Mark, Macallan and plenty more including all the non-alcoholic selections as well. This will all go on until about 8:00pm or so. Also during this time we will introduce you something that was been in the works for quite some time. "Overtime Angels" will break ground on this day and we will leave it at that. ;)

And then......... oh boy, and then. We have something happening that can only be described as EPIC. This will be one of those moments that every Rush fan will talk about well after RatCon is said and done for the weekend. No, the boyz aren't showing up but the late night festivities will be one for the books.

And......... for the first time in RatCon history............... Oops, another secret we can't tell you about but it's guaranteed to be totally awesome! We are dedicating an enormous amount of time to have the largest, most incredible Rush party in the history of the band. You will wish you could live it all again!

Day 3: Sunday, July 13

A Farewell to Kings
The Rush festivities officially end the evening of Saturday, July 12th but fellow rats are welcome to chill by poolside for the day until 2:00pm.

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by PetieLee

What is RatCon? You have read the origin of RatCon. A silly name for a group of Rush fans, eh? We think so too and if RatCon had started during the Clockwork Angels Tour we might be having AngelCon! It is what it is and going into our sixth year of gatherings, we couldn't be happier with the ever-growing family that has become the Rush Rats. What started out as 25 people in our 2009 inaugural year grew to over 60 in 2013. Club Xanadu (The Shred's house) in Severna Park, Maryland has been the home for RatCon for six years and for 2014 we have decided to move slightly north. The decision was made to accommodate more friends from the exploding Rat population in the Northeast corridor of the United States. Mr. Driven was kind enough to offer his new home in Marlboro, NJ now dubbed Club Carnie. It has the all the amenities of Club Xanadu with some additional, well-needed space. RatCon in a nutshell is like a giant family reunion. All the festivities are in one place with non-stop Rush fun from beginning to end. No matter where you look, there is something Rush-related amongst some of the greatest folks with whom you could ever be associated. Our family means the world to us and we look forward to celebrating the greatest band to ever grace this planet with more and more Rats for many years to come!

Rat Designations

Gerbil Fetus (Cluelesscus Rushcus Raticus) Can't even pinpoint a song by Rush even if it was wired directly into their freakin' brain.

Gerbil Preemie (Whothehelliscus Rushcus Raticus) Someone who has heard of Rush. Doesn't know they are still around and could only recognize a song if an example is given. Response to someone would be "You know the song, ****insert singing voice here**** A modern day warrior blah blah blah....."

Gerbil (Iknowofcus Rushcus) Someone who likes Rush but can only mention songs like Tom Sawyer, Limelight and The Spirit of Radio.

Hamster (Lostinthepastacus Rushcus Raticus) Will say "I love Rush! Man, I love those songs The Trees and 2112! Those guys Rock!" Followed up by "Are they still together?"

Pet Rat (Fellofficusthebandwagonacus Rushcus Raticus) Loved Rush until around the Signals era. Will still listen to the band occasionally to bring back the good times.

City Rat (Prettymuchknowicus Rushcus Raticus) Has loved Rush since they were exposed to them. Been to many concerts, knows the majority of the lyrics

Dirty Rat (ObsessicuswithRushcus Raticus) Travels all over the damn place to see Rush when touring, Hits the refresh button on more than 10 times a day, knows every Rush song by heart combined with mumblings and background voices/sounds, Listens to Rush songs every day, knows every bass lick, guitar fret and drum beat by heart, sees Rush references in many everyday items, could swallow as many pellets as you could fire at em with a machine gun.

The Rat Trap RatCon is a gathering of the Rats and or the Rush obsessed. RatCon brings together fans from everywhere into one designated place so that the love for Rush can shared with each other. This is something that most Rats rarely ever experience due to others lack of exposure. To a Rat, Rush is the greatest band that ever graced this planet. Period.

In the Past Yes! A few folks were snapped last year. One didn't know what LaVil was. Another asked, "What is the significance of the dinosaurs?" Another was sure the song was the Fountain of Lamenth[sic]! Miss a lyric while singing, come in last place in a game of pool RUSH basketball (Just like HORSE, but you get the jest), Miss a high hat while air drumming, step on a Barbie doll or many other scenarios, your whiskered Rush lovin butt will get a 2 minute TIME OUT snapped in the trap. Just ask the Rats that did their time in the past!

Can I bring children? Considering the events, Rats should be of legal drinking age in the state of New Jersey.

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Payment is accepted via PayPal.

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"Sir" Lance the Shred
Need a quick chat with The King Rat concerning registration? Dial 443.618.6007 to contact Sir Shred.

PetieLee, "The Anarchist"

KellyD, "Watchmaker's Assistant"

Mike, "Mr. Driven"

Jim, "The Mayor"

Site Coded by an Iron Maiden Fan

...who is still not invited.

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A Note from "Sir" Lance the Shred:

Credit needs to be given where credit is due. The entire Rat theme was formulated by Mr. Oddtimessarcasm back in an April of 2008 thread right as Rush was settling down in Puerto Rico. He said as he saw it, that there were three underlying themes in the world of Rush right now.

"We are fat on Rush right now and we aren't used to it. We are used to six year layoffs and tidbits of news every 15 months or so. Now we have been stuffing ourselves silly on new albums and Geddy, Alex or Neil on the cover of pretty much every music magazine you have and have not heard of. This is not our usual feeding pattern and we are confused little animals. Like the Rats we are, we just keep pulling the treat handle and hoping the pellets never stop coming. Some day the echo of pellets will no longer ring in our rodent brains and then what the hell are we going to talk about?"

And so......................the rest is history. Thank you Oddtimes for giving us an idea that has gone ballistic! It's great to be a nasty little, pellet yearning Rat. A LARGE Rush On! to you dude!

A Note from Oddtimesarcasm:

A Memo to a higher office, An Open Letter to the powers that be -

While I would like to say I gestated this baby rat to term in my furry little pouch over the past year or so, such a scenario could not be further from the truth.

My bard-like banter was admittedly insightful, profound, and dare I say witty. There is no arguing that. But the real story of our beautiful bouncing baby rodent is one of group effort. The words I found under the waterfall while strumming my sing string were just that, words. I couldn't wait to share this new wonder - and to my shock and mild awe - it wasn't long before many Megadonians were plugging into Templevision and professing the Coming of the Rat to whomever would listen to such foolishness.

The movement took on a life of its own, primarily due to the tireless support of the elder members of our pack (Kelly D, PetieLee, LanceTheShred, Rocinate to name just a few).

Where the Rat came from is secondary to where He is going. He has become his own Rodent. He has a website. He has T-Shirts. He has a convention. He eats pellets with Donna. Nay, no one owns the Rat. He is the furry representation of our beloved underground secret hideaway - If he has a name, that name would be Ed. Without this credible website which seems to be professionally updated on a daily basis, none of us would know each other, much less having conventions with each other.

Theres a little rodent in all of us, lets just leave it at that. Brought to you by the letter Rrrrrrrrr.....

You are visitor number 25420 -504 days till July 11!